road bike brands

Last updated: Mar, Thu, 2020

Have you ever noticed magazines or seen people riding road bikes? It would be nice if you could find a road bike that suits your taste.

For a beginner, you always want to know which brand of road bike is best for you, or most trustworthy.

road bike brands

Let me answer your doubts.

First off, the brand makers who sell online often don’t have much of an advertising budget, or want to carve out new market share online.

But that popular brands don’t usually sell online. This may be related to maintaining market share. It may also be related to the distributor’s contract.

But, I would venture to say that any entry-level road bikes, no matter what brand you’ve heard of, are in the same level range. You won’t notice any difference in riding quality.

However, the more popular brands offer more convenient after-sales service. Because they have so many stores, you can get there quickly for help.

Basically, they have sponsored/owned a team to win the race. This shows that they are capable manufacturers. Whichever bike you end up buying, you’ll have a great experience.

OK, here’s a list of manufacturers of Volkswagen road bikes, some of which you may have heard of somewhere.


Trek is one of the largest integrated bicycle manufacturers in the United States.

The Trek‘s frame is made in proportion to its own materials, including lightweight and durable OCLV carbon fiber, and Alpha aluminum.

The Trek bike has a lifetime warranty for material and manufacturing defects.

The Trek road bike has three production lines.

  • Madone:an aero racing bike with the best technology in Trek.
  • Emonda:with a lightweight frame, it is popular in climbing and racing
  • Domane:an endurance model designed to reduce road vibration using a lightweight frame design.

There is also a full range of ladies only models, including a ladies only frame design, handles and saddles, which are easy for ladies to use.


Specialized is another brand that is familiar to the public.

Not only road bikes, but also mountain bikes, BMX and fat bikes of all kinds are very popular. It is also known for developing the world’s first mass-produced MTB.

Their motto is, we compete with TREK all the time, we compete every day.

The company has its own bicycle wind tunnel facility for aeronautical experiments and has been working on new technologies.

Such as developing and incorporating Shock absorption technologies such as Zelz and Future Shock, into its products.

Specialized road bike models include Tarmac for racing, Roubaix for durability, Venge for stationary bikes, Allez for affordable aluminum, and Diverge for gravel.

Specialized also produces Women’s models, including Tarmac Women and Amira for racing, Ruby for endurance, and Dolce for aluminum.


USA bike maker Cannondale was originally a mass-produced MTB manufacturer, but now makes a variety of sports bikes, including road bikes. They’re called the “Carbon Killer”.

As its high-strength, high-rigidity carbon fabrication and aluminum frame fabrication have Outstanding performance and was popular with lightweight and fast bikes.

Cannondale offers lightweight carbon fiber models for the racing SUPERSIX EVO hi-mod, the aluminum model CAAD12 called carbon killer, the aluminum CAAD second-level, the excellent shock absorbing SYNAPSE (durability), and the SLATE for gravel road.

For the popular aluminum CAAD 12, you can choose from 22 different frames. The women’s model is also available.


FUJI started as a Japanese import trading company that began to import and sell bicycles. It has expanded to the United States and contributed to the popularity of road bikes, which are now one of the American brands.

FUJI’s road bikes include the SL series which aims to be the lightest in the world; TRANSSONIC seeks performance follow-through on aviation roads; The ROUBAIX is a popular model of FUJI.


Pursuing FAST, LIGHT and SMOOTH, the Felt bikes are designed to meet rugged and rugged design. Their athletes have won numerous victories in the tour DE France, the world championships, the Olympics and iron man.

The road lines.

  • AR series:racing road bike.
  • FR / FR Disc series:All road bike.
  • FRW series:women’s models.
  • VR series:Road bike suitable for long distance cycling.
  • F series: aluminum performance road bike.

I think you know that Bianchi has a strong fan base. It is the oldest surviving bicycle brand in the world.

And features the color “Celeste”, meaning blue sky in Italian.

It has good color and design, and is well supported by cyclists in all areas of urban cycling, cycling and racing.

Bianchi has a wide range of road bikes. There are mainly the following models.


Well, I suddenly realized that there were more road bike manufacturers than expected. I’m tired. So, let’s take a break. Please excuse my laziness. You can click here if you willing.