cheap road bikes for sale

Last updated: Aug, Sat, 2019

In the past, the cheap road bikes barely exist that was a game for the professionals. In recent years, thanks to technical advancements and trickle-down effects, the road cycling has become mass-market sale.

Whether you’ll be participating in the community charity ride or triathlon, the road biking is open to you now. While pick up an entry-level road bike for physical connection, and that is best idea keep your social.

cheap road bikes for sale

cheap road bikes

Everyone has a different definition for the cheap, and put on your budget, it can be understood as affordable.

However, cheap road bikes have their own hierarchy, as the Shimano has set everything for us.

Before you pick your road bike you should know what a groupset is, and the hierarchy. That will target to your budget.

A bicycle is mainly composed of components from different after-sales markets, and the bicycle brand just responsible for the frame design and the proportion of determining the quality.

Put aside individual power, the groupset determines whether you can cycle more effectively and get to the finish line faster.

Professionals believe that Shimano Claris and Sora are for beginners or starter to prepare, while the Tiagra and 105 are for serious people who wander outside the track.

Are you going to be a serious road cyclist? This means that you can be more active integrating into the community and participating in group events. Do yourself? OKay, the Claris or Sora bike won’t disappoint you.

If you just want to own a road bike in name only, a bike with Shimano Tourney is usually under $500, or even $300. A pre-entry level kit is designed to provide a low-budget road cycling experience for beginner cyclists.

Shimano Tourney is the most basic component, but not included in Shimano groupsets family. You need to spend more time shifting and braking as it is not STI.

Tourney road bike is an ideal groupset for the first few miles, if you’re just riding to school. You can make an extra upgrade plan, but can not compatible.

best road bikes

Schwinn Fastback Carbon Road Bike

Schwinn is a legendary name in American cycling. If you are an old man, I believe you have show special preference to this brand. Although it’s more of a big-box product these days that has changed hands a few times.

Schwinn Fastback Carbon is one of the options available now. As road bikers, these guys take pride in owning a carbon-fiber bike feature with Shimano 105 groupset.

Anyway, Schwinn Fastback Carbon groupset catalog number is r5800 has been active on the market for several years. And the latest number is r7000 launch in 2018 that brings more race genes.

But you don’t feel the difference between the two on a daily bike ride and it feels like day and night. Personally unless your doing hydro brakes, r5800 is just fine.

Premium drivetrain by Shimano 105 supply crisp stopping and precise speed controls make the bike look as smooth as it ride.

Tapered steerer makes you more flexible when you turn corner, and you won’t fall down easily even when you encounter obstacles.

And the triple butted technology further squeezes the weight of the bike. Don’t doubt, this is a great bike. Great equipment level and great build quality.

  • 45cm/X-Small, suggest 5’0″~5’3″.
  • 48cm/Small, suggest 5’3″~5’7″.
  • 51cm/Medium, suggest 5’7″~5’10”.
  • 54/Large, suggest 5’10″~6’1″.
  • 57cm/X-Large, suggest 6’1″~6’4″.

best road bikes under 1000

Tommaso Monza Endurance Road Bike

Are you looking for the best deal in the market? Tommaso Monza is there that build for under $1000.

Finding a best product which under 1000 you won’t have both a carbon fiber frame and the Shimano 105 groupset. You have to add and subtract.

Tommaso Monza is a very good price for entry road riders who wants to be involved in the event. You can keep a carbon fork to eliminate the buzz from the surface.

Tiagra is very similar to the Shimano 105 groupset of function and quality, which means it offers a very good cost performance. Smoothly and precise shifting.

Even though sometimes just gap between within a hundred dollars. But at least it can serve as an option on your list.

If you enjoy competing with your friends on all aspects of cycling, this bike can still earn you some admiration. Don’t worry about speed not having enough control unless you’re sprinting.

  • XS, suggest 5’2″~5’6″.
  • S, suggest 5’6″~5’8″.
  • M, suggest 5’8″~5’11”.
  • L, suggest 5’11″~6’2″.
  • XL, suggest 6’2″~6’5″.
best road bikes under 500
Pure Cycles Classic Road Bike

Looking for a bike less than $500 is often awkward. Because a decent road bike usually starts around 600. We need to compromise more on the bike components and weight.

Pure Cycles road bike offers a cheap version to cycling, with classic geometry(the top tube is flat), good tires clearance and rack and fender compatibility.

For a $500 road bike, you won’t get much new technology or lightweight, but the chromoly steel frame and front fork should provide a decent finish.

Albeit heavy, but heavier riders can feel the elasticity of steel rather than the hardness of aluminum.

Claris components has 80 percent of Shimano 105 performance, but the whole bike is nearly half the price. If the price substitutes for you to make a decision, it’s probably the guy who arrives at your door.

Having said that, I suggest you check out Diamondback Bicycles Century 1.

  • 49cm/X-Small, suggest 4’11″~5’2″.
  • 51cm/Small, suggest 5’2″~5’6″.
  • 53cm/Medium, suggest 5’6″~5’8″.
  • 56cm/Large, suggest 5’8″~5’11”.
  • 58cm/X-Large, suggest 5’11″~6’2″.
  • 60cm/XX-Large, suggest 6’2″~6’6″.
best road bikes for women
Raleigh Revere 2 road bike

Women’s bikes, unisex bikes, men’s bikes, these are just marketing. Women’s bikes usually include an extra small size. Relative, Men’s model contain an extra large size. Of course, their frames and saddles may differ based on gender.

Raleigh Revere 2 can provide women with lasting comfort while get an endurance ride at a reasonable price. Sora is one of Shimano’s entry-level groupsets, but it does a good job of maintaining normal wear and tear.

I look at the women’s specific Raleigh Revere 2. They both look like solid stock.

A disk equipped all-road bike. With space for larger tires it makes for a perfect road bike that can easily handle taking a dirt trail off the side of the road.

Are you looking at getting a bike for your wife to strengthen running? Raleigh Revere2 is absolutely fine for exploring your city, commuting and leisure.

  • 49cm/X-Small, suggest 4’11″~5’2″.
  • 51cm/Small, suggest 5’2″~5’6″.
  • 53cm/Medium, suggest 5’6″~5’8″.
  • 56cm/Large, suggest 5’8″~5’11”.
  • 58cm/X-Large, suggest 5’11″~6’2″.
triathlon bikes for sale

Racing road bikes often have backaches because their geometry is designed to make a push to reduce wind resistance.

Like you, not everyone lives off a bonus. The endurance road bike has a relatively loose geometric frame designed to provide a full day of riding.

Triathlon bikes usually come with an areo handlebar that helps you get a better aero posture.

If you just want to test miles, you don’t need to buy a performance or triathlon bike. An endurance bike do it. If you want fame, please get the money ready.


You don’t have to spend other time comparing, I’m sure this is best list hit any budget.

It’s worth noting that road bikes are a skinny game, and they typically limit the rider’s weight to between 220 and 250 pounds. It’s hard for me to imagine a heavy rider getting ahead of the pack.

If you are overweight but muscular, you can try. I am not responsible for this suggestion. But if you are obese, I would advise you to leave and think about the fat bike or a gravel bicycle.

And you can’t expect any bike to be perfect, especially when it comes to contact points – saddles, pedals and grips.

These are very personalized component. You may invest them extra, and eventually you get more treatment.

Depending on your preferences and standards you get what you pay for. So, what’s your budget go for your best starter road bike?