cheap mountain bikes for sale

Last updated: Aug, Sat, 2019

Not all mountain bikes for sale are equal, Because mountain bikes have different sub-types that assign different proportions to up the hill and down.

While choosing a cheap mountain bike indirectly determines where and how you ride. It seems unlikely that you’ll put up a few thousand dollars at stake, as you’re not sure you’ll enjoy the sport.

cheap mountain bikes for sale

cheap mountain bikes

Budget oriented, you’re unlikely to get a premium bike. I guess you’re actually searching for best mountain bikes for the price, you can afford it while not the cheap.

Usually when you buy a new bike, the level of groupset will give you a good indication of the overall bike quality.

The groupset level depends on your budget. As the price rises, the level of construction and material tolerances will increase. This is evident in quality of the gear shifting.

An entry level mountain bike come with Shimano Altus or Acera may be something you can take with you. But it’s best to consider adding a little more to your budget so you can take the bike what feature with Alivio or Deore.

SRAM is far ahead of the game compared to Shimano. When it comes to value for money, SRAM GX Eagle and NX are the most popular groupsets for hobbyists. These bikes may be a little over your budget in price.

what mountain bike should I get

I do not recommend screening mountain bikes based on groupset. One reason is that the groupset level is tied to a price (your budget). Another reason is that mountain biking isn’t about speed first, but stability.

Bike suspension can provide great control and traction on roots, rocky or potholed roads. The efficiency issue is mainly related to suspension.

Speaking of suspension, we have to know what is travel. And that refers to the amount of distance the suspension will move before it is fully compressed.

When it comes to bigger obstacles, the bigger travel can up stability of the bike which provide continues forward.

Are you ride mostly on crushing dirt or fire roads, smooth trails? The hardtail(front suspension) mountain bikes will work.

If you’re planning to ride a lot of singletrack, and with technical features to downhills, full(front and back) suspension is the way to go.

However, trail mountain bikes and cross-country bikes are where most beginners hang out. (What’s the difference?)

best mountain bikes

GHOST Kato FS 2.7 mountain bike

GHOST Kato FS 2.7 For aspiring trails rider is cost-effective. That’s you find such a best with a cheap budget.

Thanks to 130mm travels, it has performed well in the downhill even beyond your expectations.

With the help of SRAM NX drivetrain, you can soar speed in an instant, while hydraulic disc brakes gives you safety and excellent control.

The GHOST Kato FS 2.7 looks great and seems to outline the right model: SRAM NX drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, 130mm travel, dual suspension and internal cables. This is the entry point into the mountain biking world for serious enthusiasts.

  • X-Small, suggest 5’0″~5’3″.(Women’s model)
  • Small, suggest 5’3″~5’7″.
  • Medium, suggest 5’7″~5’10”.
  • Large, suggest 5’10″~6’1″.
  • X-Large, suggest 6’1″~6’4″.

best mountain bikes under 1000

Raleigh Tokul 3 mountain bike

The component specs of Raleigh Tokul 3 are quite appealing to beginners like you looking for value for money.

27.5+ wheels means you can replace to 29 inches at after without worrying about the bike getting out of balance.

A 120mm fork meets any beginner’s outdoor exploration needs. You’ll get hooked whether XC racing or singletracks.

Raleigh Tokul 3 vs GHOST Kato FS 2.7 just like hardtail compared to full suspension, but all of which are only under 1000.

  • Small, suggest 5’3″~5’6″.
  • Medium, suggest 5’6″~5’9”.
  • Large, suggest 5’9″~6’1″.
  • X-Large, suggest 6’1″~6’4″.
best mountain bikes under 500
Iron Horse Maverick 2.3

Iron Horse Maverick 2.3 is definitely a good deal for under 500. All the equipment is average, but all the entry levels are great. You can braking any bike easily.

You won’t have to pay much for this bike, but you’ll be happy to ride along monster trails. Obviously, you don’t try any crazy stunts on a bike of this level.

The Shimano shifts smooth but does need to be adjusted more, as its not latest. You should afford a few cheap upgrades after a period of time. Or try the that will ignores compromise and ignite your inner athlete.

  • 16inch/Small, suggest 5’3″~5’6″.
  • 18inch/Medium, suggest 5’6″~5’9”.
  • 20inch/Large, suggest 5’9″~6’1″.
best mountain bikes for women
diamondback Lux 3 women’s mountain bike

Diamondback Lux 3 is great for you who are looking for a women’s mountain bike that can really whip around.

A real mountain bike comes with the SRAM GX components. Regardless of the scenery, you can ride from the city routes to twisting trails.

You’ll be a huge fan of this bike. It’s light enough to lift easily, and stand on top echoing with your shouts.

Even if you are small enough, the frame will fit your proportions well. And you will love the comfort from the saddle that designed for women to give you more.

The tapered headtube provides excellent control to keep you from falling when you hit a rock. This is one of best womens mountain bike.

  • 15inch/Small, suggest 5’3″~5’5″.
  • 17inch/Medium, suggest 5’5″~5’8”.
  • 19inch/Large, suggest 5’8″~5’11″.

As a beginner, you always struggle with price when looking for an entry-level mountain bike.

I have sorted out this list and hope this is helpful to you. Those cycling riding is relatively easy and affordable.

XC riders usually compete against each other to see who gets to the top mountain first. Trail riders care most payment for the fun of the downhill after uphill.

You don’t have to care about the size of bike wheels, either 27.5(650B) or 29 inches(29er) is new to you unless you’ve experienced it before.

Your friend’s point of view may also come from social marketing. Let me said that don’t be influenced by the outside world.

If the uphill and downhill terrain is likeness, there is no need to tangle with a full suspension mountain bike.

You can almost make more gains from a hard tail. Simpler designs allow manufacturers to lower the overall price of a bike, or include better parts than a dual-suspension bike at the same price.

In fact, you don’t need to make a choice at all. Because of the manufacturer has selected the components that meet your budget for you. Just stick to your best budget.