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Last updated: Aug, Sat, 2019
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Cycling doesn’t have to be too expensive, and here are some of the cheap bikes models that have been put together.

What you may not know is that there are different types of bikes to deal with different needs and terrains.

Basically, terrains can be summarized into three categories:

  • On-road indicates the flat roads.
  • Off-road refers to the unpaved road surface.
  • X-road mean mixed pavement. You may experience some asphalt, and next journey is sludge.

Take a few seconds to consider what your riding purpose, which helps narrow down your choices.

cheap road bikes

Tommaso Imola Road Bike

Tommaso Imola has a classic contrast color scheme that gives you the illusion of poise. Equipped with the latest Shimano Claris parts and not replaced with a cheaper third-party version.

You can expect it to have a consistent quality and longevity. This provides a strong guarantee for the pursuit of a complete and smooth ride.

When you lack cycling experience or power, the smallest chainring near the pedals will help you climb the mountain easily. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t miss it.

  • XXS, suggest 4’10″~5’2″.
  • XS, suggest 5’2″~5’6″.
  • S, suggest 5’6″~5’8″.
  • M, suggest 5’8″~5’11”.
  • L, suggest 5’11″~6’2″.
  • XL, suggest 6’2″~6’5″.

Road bike belongs to on-road, ride on the paved roads, flat your arms and feel the speed to bring you glory.

Finding a cheap road bike is not an easy task, because of the road biking can be an expensive sport. That may hollow out your wallet.

The good news is that there are some cheap road bikes for you to actively participate, rather than standing on the podium.

By the way, road bicycle has always been an excellent helper for long commutes, exercise or training. Are you a swimmer?

cheap mountain bikes

Diamondback Hook Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Hook mountain bike is great for jumping in and out of town. The 120mm travel suspension just reaches a balance point, so you can go uphill quickly and go downhill smoothly.

Diamondback Hook is a great entry level option. You are not likely to conquer mountains that are too dangerous at this stage. Trust me, the hardtail is more suitable for beginners.

You can compete in the XC, and begin to be familiar with some single track skills. Diamondback Hook offer a pure and simple mountain biking experience, while remaining affordable and makes them impressive.

Anyway, if you are an older or heavier rider, you may need extra gear range, more like a double/triple ring than a single ring. I’m not sure.

  • 16″/SM, suggest 5’4″~5’7″.
  • 18″/MD, suggest 5’7″~5’10″.
  • 20″/LG, suggest 5’10″~6’1″.
  • 22″/XL, suggest 6’1″~6’4″.

Explore the outdoors, seek out novelty, or stimulate your adrenal glands, and you’ll be happy to have a mountain bike that takes you to every corner of the world.

Mountain biking can also be expensive, and buying a decent bike on a budget can still be a major investment.

If you’re under $1,000, a cross country mountain bike is where most beginners hang out. Do you live in a wealthy area? Well, other sub-types of mountain bikes start the play with four digits.

cheap bikes for women

Maybe you’re a woman. And may be you are looking for a women’s bike.

Cruiser bikes are inexpensive and has a fashionable appearance, which can satisfy your ride within a few kilometers.

Because of certain stereotypes, the beach cruiser bikes are often seen as a woman-only model.

It’s not your fault, because the bikes are typically equipped with a step through frame, which makes the ladies in a dignified manner to ride.

In fact, cruiser bikes also stores men’s versions, but that bike frame is somewhat different.

I mean, the women’s bikes are too wide. You can find the corresponding models of road bike, or MTB. Women’s hybrid bike too. Those all can up your running or fitness level.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong cruiser bike has a variety of color schemes. It also comes in multiple versions for speed.

If you’re thinking about a 7-speed, I would generally recommend you pick another types. Because you might like to do Mid-and Long-distance rides, like 10 miles or more.

The beach cruiser is the most original bicycle, you don’t need to spend extra time to study what is a groupset or travel scale of suspension. Just pick up your favorite color.

  • 24 inch, suggest 4’2″~4’11″, or over 12 years old.
  • 26 inch, suggest 5’0″~6’1″.

cheap bikes for commuter

You’re a commuter and looking for a two-wheels tool for riding instead of walk. That’s right. It will save you money and hold you healthy.

The types mentioned below will get a lot more attention from most commuters who beat them. Of course, they also inherit a little genes for leisure.

For medium and long distances (one-way over 10 miles), a hybrid or gravel bike can ensure your commuting time/efficiency. But I think city bicycles are more suitable for short distance commuting.

  • Hybrid bike: a cross product between road and mountain, it makes up for the potholes and bumpy that until enter the paved road.
  • Gravel bike: hybrid’s cousin. Contrary, it offset for the unbalance that paved roads crash into unpaved gravels and slough.
  • Fixie bike: cruiser‘s cousin. Easy to shuttle between city streets.
  • Folding bike: city commuting, easy to place. For my part, that’s not necessarily portable.
  • Electric bike: also called e-bike, have a motor for assistant. You don’t need to worry about today’s journey if you had a sore thigh muscle caused by excessive treading the day before.
Raleigh Route 1 Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Route 1 is a multi-functional all-weather machine. I love the look of Raleigh.

With a nice price tag (under $500), the assembly won’t be too fancy. But that enough to handle you from the urban jungle to the open road.

The gears work well with the mechanical disc brakes. After a season or two, you should be asked to update certain parts(like tires).

The increase in the front suspension fork makes it a bit heavy to lift. I estimated the weight of the bicycle at about 30 pounds. If you are also a big guy, please consider Route2 when climbing.

  • 16inch/Small, suggest 5’4″~5’7″.
  • 18inch/Medium, suggest 5’7″~5’10″.
  • 20inch/Large, suggest 5’10″~6’1″.
  • 22inch/X-Large, suggest 6’1″~6’4″.
Diamondback Haanjo 1 Gravel Road Bike

If you want to cycle around the city for long periods of time and are commuter-oriented, the Diamondback Haanjo 1 is the most solid base-level model on the market.

With wider tires, flat handlebars and a drivetrain on a loose geometric frame, and has a durable geometry and longer wheelbase to keep the rider in a more comfortable and positive position.

Although it has no actual suspension, but the steel fork can absorbs the impact and vibration so well that your no obvious discomfort.

The Haanjo 1 is clearly designed for gravel roads, which can handle open farms or thick grass well. Even when surface gets a little bumpy, it can also well to gravels.

The affordable Haanjo 1 caters to all needs: commuting, fitness, and adventures. However, please equip additional lights for yourself to increase traffic visibility.

  • 47cm/XS, suggest 5’0″~5’3″. (Women’s model)
  • 50cm/SM, suggest 5’3″~5’6″.
  • 53cm/MD, suggest 5’6″~5’9″.
  • 56cm/LG, suggest 5’9″~6’0″.
  • 59cm/XL, suggest 6’0″~6’4″.
State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Fixie Single Speed Bike

Fixie is also pure, and choosing a fixed gear doesn’t require much thinking. It is aimed at people who like to personalize their fashion colors. The more you budget, the more customization you can get with the appearance.

  • X-Small(46cm), suggest 5’0″~5’4″.
  • Small(50cm), suggest 5’4″~5’7″.
  • Medium(54cm), suggest 5’7″~5’11″.
  • Large(58cm), suggest 5’11″~6’2″.
Dahon MARINER D8 Folding Bike

Dahon’s folding technology remains the industry leader. The Dahon Mariner D8 folding bike is very convenient and suitable for a full range of quick tasks.

The quality, workmanship, performance and design of this bicycle are excellent. If you are looking for a folding bike for commuting I would totally recommend it.

Having said that, its gear is only have 8 speed, and while it has enough depth to climb the overpass, but may not have enough juice to speed up your journey to long ride.

But who cares, folding bikes were born to solve the city’s short commutes.

  • One-size, suggest 4’10″~6’3″.
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

The Swagtron Swagcycle eb-7 Elite is a very competitive e-bike in a market where the price is under $1,000. The folding bike has been grafted with a motor and has a top speed of 18 miles per hour.

The battery’s capacity not be good enough, as it can only run about 15 miles on a single charge. You may need to carry extra batteries for backup.

I personally don’t think the battery life will be more than two years. Since this is a low-budget electric bike, there are always compromises to be made in terms of performance and quality. I think the ideal electric bike would be around $3,000.

In any case, electric bikes are becoming a trend, and there hasn’t been a solid brand in the space yet. This is a new topic. The commuting is also a choice based on your needs, and you can also look for an electric hybrid bike.

  • One-size, suggest 4’10″~5’10″.
bikes for sale under 500

Buying a decent bike isn’t hard, but adding a limited budget as a precondition is always embarrassing, even for the manufacturer.

The decent cheap bikes for sale what under 300 dollar, we don’t have many options – just beach cruiser and fixie, or used. Below 500 is not a good place to start either. I recommend starting around 600.

Whether it’s a multi-speed bicycle or a bicycle with suspension, manufacturers have to invest in relative technology and quality to ensure that it works properly. The motor of a electric bicycle is even more so.

Aside, Bicycles were also included due to a trade war that led to higher tariffs. Yes, 99 percent of the bicycles are from Asia. So, are you giving up idea to start cycling?

used bikes for sale

As a compromise, buying a used bicycle is not bad idea. But you need to do some checking, because there are some risks in buying used bicycles online through websites like Craigslist or eBay.

  1. First, make sure it fits your size.
  2. Request the seller to provide detailed pictures, and carefully observe the near bottom bracket and around the frame joints, because cracks are easier to form.
  3. Inquiry about maintenance history and seller’s return policy.

These tips will help you screen and will also take your time and effort.


We find that choosing a bicycle is an art. It’s not easy to order. We need to know clearly what we’re going to ride, including the roadbed we’re going to cross, and we need to take care of the feeling of our wallet.

Do your biggest budget, not affordable only. Because you don’t want a bicycle that’s cheaply make, incorrectly assembled, overweight. Non-standard bicycle parts are fails in subsequent maintenance while you will have to replace them. Ultimately, your costs get bigger.